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Thank you for your interest in SafeWeb and our Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA) Tsunami. These white papers provide a variety of technical details on all aspects of the SafeWeb Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA).

Please select the white papers that you'd like to recieve, complete the informational form below and click the submit button. The white papers you select will be emailed to you.


SafeWeb SEA Tsunami Overview (12 pgs) Acobat PDF

This full-color white paper gives an overview of the SafeWeb SEA Tsunami architecture, features and benefits.
SafeWeb SEA Implementation Guidelines (8 pgs) Acobat PDF

This paper helps individuals determine where and how to deploy the SafeWeb SEA to provide secure remote access and reduce complexity, costs and technical barriers.
Application-Level Reverse Proxy Technology (8 pgs) Acobat PDF

"Application-Level Reverse Proxy" is the architecture at the heart of the SafeWeb SEA. This paper explains how this technology can drastically simplify secure remote access to your most common data and applications.
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