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SafeWeb Referral Program

SafeWeb provides a referral fee to qualified companies and individuals that identify businesses that can benefit from the Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA). Getting started with the SafeWeb referral program is easy.

If your organization offers technology in the secure remote access space, SafeWeb could be a valuable partner for your company. Analysts report that the market for SSL-based extranet appliances such as SafeWeb's SEA will grow 1500% by 2005. This technology could be a complement to your existing sales efforts.

Organizations that have the following initiatives are particularly good prospects for the SEA:

Companies looking to provide supply chain, inventory or other e-business information to their customers and partners
Organizations that need to provide their employees with remote access to important business information 24 X 7 anywhere in the world
Companies that are looking for ways to simplify their remote access solutions in attempt to cut costs

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