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SafeWeb: Privacy and Security

Our flagship online privacy and security service was the world's largest online privacy network. Due to the effectiveness and ease of use of our technology, we quickly grew to become the most widely used privacy service on the Web, and proud recipient of numerous awards.
SafeWeb licenses customized versions of this technology to businesses and high-profile government agencies that require the strongest and most reliable Internet security technology available on the market.

With our new enterprise product, the SEA Tsunami, we introduce the next generation of secure remote access. The first of SafeWeb's Secure Extranet Appliances (SEA), the SEA Tsunami lets companies build secure extranets within just hours so that remote users can access network resources using only a Web browser.

The SEA Tsunami builds on the strength and reliability of SafeWeb's proven technology, and is enhanced with additional supporting functionality and common business intelligence designed to meet specific corporate security needs. Please contact SafeWeb to learn more.

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