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Emeryville, CA - December 9, 2002 - SafeWeb, Inc., a leading provider of secure remote access technologies and Radware, Inc., (Nasdaq: RDWR) the leader in Intelligent Application Switching, today announced a strategic partnership to provide the highest degree of security, performance, availability and reliability for securely accessing remote networks.

This partnership results in the seamless integration of SafeWeb's Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA Tsunami) and Radware's Cache Server Director (CSD), enabling customers to scale their extranets by clustering SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami servers to handle large traffic with high availability and redundancy. Radware's CSD will monitor the health of the SafeWeb SEA Tsunami servers and automatically route traffic to another server if one fails. Administrators can also remove SafeWeb SEA Tsunami servers from the cluster for maintenance at any time without affecting client requests.

"The SEA Tsunami eliminates traditional financial and technical barriers that limit secure remote access to a fraction of potential remote users," said Jon Chun, SafeWeb's CEO. "In extending secure remote access to a far greater number of remote users, SafeWeb relies on Radware to ensure scalability, reliability and deliver high performance."

SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami is an SSL-based VPN that enables companies to quickly and easily build extranets so that remote users can securely access internal network resources using just a Web browser. Because the SEA Tsunami is a clientless VPN appliance, it seamlessly integrates with Radware's CSD without requiring any changes to existing networks. The United States Naval Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC) is currently using the SEA Tsunami and Radware's CSD to provide its remote employees with reliable secure access.

"The Navy was in need of a low cost secure remote access solution that would enable users to access resources situated behind our firewall. We implemented SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami in a matter of hours," Lieutenant Nickerson, head of security for NMIMC. "Our remote users are now able to access resources, that were previously only accessible from homebase, from any Web browser. This effort combined with Radware's CSD results in a reliable, low-cost solution that load balances servers with secure remote access."

This partnership is effective immediately. For more information contact [email protected] or [email protected]

About SafeWeb
SafeWeb designs next-generation security solutions that are effective, economical, and simple. Its mission is to drastically reduce the cost and complexity of securing corporate network resources for remote access. To this end, SafeWeb has applied its award-winning proxy technology to develop the Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA), a clientless SSL-based VPN that enables companies to set up secure extranets in as little as one hour.

About Radware
Radware is dedicated to providing Intelligent Application Switching, guaranteeing the best operation and servicing of IP applications and enterprise traffic across the Internet. Radware aligns application needs with the network infrastructure to seamlessly allocate resources, optimize application operations and extend security, ensuring the integrity of the critical business processes. Radware's solutions address the needs of corporate enterprises, service providers and e-commerce business through one or more award-winning products including: Web Server Director (WSD), Cache Server Director (CSD), FireProof, LinkProof, Peer Director, CertainT 100. The comprehensive suite services end-to-end application operations, providing robust and scalable network traffic assurance. Visit Radware's Web site at


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