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SafeWeb Partner Program

SafeWeb is looking for partners that provide complementary technologies and services to IT organizations. The SafeWeb SEA delivers demonstrable value to your customers and allows your company to differentiate itself in today's competitive landscape.

SafeWeb's Partner Program offers the following benefits:

The next generation of secure remote access technology - one of the fast growing segments in today's IT market
As a complement to your customers' existing remote access solutions, the SEA creates growth and upsell opportunities
Simple integration -- resulting in a sales cycle of less then 90 days
Easily demonstratable ROI
Sales and technical support for the SafeWeb sales team
Training available for both technology and sales personnel
SafeWeb offers partner referral fees to individuals and companies who help SafeWeb develop new business. These fees can be paid directly to sales teams or to the corporation itself. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

SafeWeb Technology Partners

Radware is the leading provider of Intelligent Application Switching (IAS) solutions. Using Radware devices, system administrators can design networks that are highly available, optimized, and responsive. Used together, SafeWeb and Radware provide the highest degree of security, performance, high availability and reliability for your network and infrastructure.
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