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How The SEA Works

The diagram above illustrates the traditional approach to building secure extranets. Typically, many distinct and complex multi-vendor solutions must be integrated by a team of technical experts. These solutions often require the installation and integration of server agents onto heterogeneous and fragile back office systems. Use of remote client (VPN) software requires installation as well as user training and support, leading to significant hidden costs.

The modular architecture of the SafeWeb SEA lets companies implement a fully functional secure extranet in less than an hour. The result is greater security at lower cost, with less complexity and delay.

SafeWeb achieves this dramatic simplification of secure remote access with its award-winning application-level reverse proxy technology. This same proxy engine powered the world's most popular online privacy service, securing over 2 billion transactions globally. SafeWeb was the first security technology company to receive an investment from In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture fund. In-Q-Tel was created to transfer best of breed security technology into the Agency. The Voice of America also uses SafeWeb's proxy and security technology to protect freedom of information online.

In building the SEA, SafeWeb has enhanced its core proxy technology with a wide variety of enterprise features such as authentication, access control, file sharing and email access.
To learn more, please refer to other online reference material here or contact us directly at SafeWeb for a 10 minute live demonstration or more detailed literature.


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