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Expert Opinions

"While a basic SEA Tsunami appliance costs about the same as a basic system from other SSL VPN vendors, the SafeWeb pricing model generally delivers greater customer value. Instead of charging separately for many features needed by most organizations - like support for email, intranet/extranet applications, terminal services, and 3rd party authentication, SafeWeb includes this core functionality in its basic system. That can mean big savings for its customers."

Dana Hendrickson
Breakaway Marketing Group

"With this new release (version 4.0), SafeWeb is continuing to narrow the gap between SSL VPN capability and IPSec VPN functionality. By bolstering the capabilities in Tsunami, the company is expanding the set of solutions available to customers without foisting complex software deployments on IT managers. The set of users who need proprietary IPSec client software is continuing to shrink."

Eric Hemmendinger
Research Directory for Secuirty and Privacy
Aberdeen Group

"SafeWeb is an experienced player in the emerging secure Web-based remote access market. Their strong technical background will help push them to the top in a market that we expect will be fast growing and turbulent."

Jeff Wilson
Executive Director
Infonetics Research

"Companies that long to simplify their systems, but face thorny issues of complexity, cost and long rollout time when implementing VPN and secure extranet systems, have a new ally. SafeWeb's SEA allows organizations to securely share corporate applications across networking boundaries over traditional VPNs and extranets in a streamlined way."

Francis Chu
Technical Analyst, eWEEK Labs
Reprinted from, March 31,2002 with permission.
Copyright © 2002 Ziff-Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved.

"SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami solves the paradox of granting remote users sufficient secure access to enable them to perform their jobs efficiently, without forcing administrators to relinquish control of the network. It takes the pain and frustration out of remote access for both end-users and administrators alike."

Todd Hansen
Director of IT
Quidel Corporation

"Our main concern is making secure remote access available from anywhere and as simple as browsing the Web. SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami is the best solution on the market."

Chuck Wunderlich
Associate VP, Electronic Commerce
North American Medical Management

"SafeWeb has aggregated a series of component security technologies into an easy-to-deploy-and manage appliance solution. The company's SEA Tsunami provides IS buyers with a fast path to transparent remote access to the wealth of web-based information used by employees and partners of the enterprise."

Eric Hemmendinger
Research Director for Security and Privacy
Aberdeen Group

"Today's enterprise approaches to security are too often piecemeal efforts, using individual modules that set and enforce different types of security policies. These modules usually interoperate poorly, if at all, complicating the management of an enterprise's security. In the absence of an integrated security management system or security middleware that integrates operations, setting parameters for one function (such as encryption for VPNs) may even prevent other modules from performing their tasks properly, weakening the security architecture."

Dave Kosiur
Senior Analyst
The Burton Group

"SafeWeb has consistently taken innovative approaches to solving difficult security and privacy challenges in the consumer and enterprise markets. Technical strength and a keen focus on the user experience differentiate SafeWeb in this new space."

Gilman Louie
President and CEO

"Increasingly, organizations are seeking remote access mechanisms that are more flexible and easier to support than traditional IPSec VPN access. Web-based remote access mechanisms certainly fall into this category, as only a Web browser is required for access."

David Thompson
Senior Research Analyst
META Group

"Before deploying an IPSec-based VPN, enterprises should analyze the applications that will be carried over it. If all applications are browser- or HTTP-based, an SSL-based solution will be less expensive and more secure than an IPSec tunnel."

Source: Gartner, Inc. "The Information Security Hype Cycle", V. Wheatman, J. Pescatore, Nov 2002.

Gartner Dataquest predicts that the worldwide security software market will grow to $4.3 billion this year, up 18 percent from $3.6 billion in 2001.

"Analysts: Security's where the money is," by Robert Lemos, Staff Writer, CNET, found on

"As IP VPNs have matured, the rub against them has shifted from issues surrounding security to the amount of complexity involved in deploying and maintaining them. The security is there for IP VPNs to reach their full potential in the world of business-to-business communications, but manageability must significantly improve. Complexity negatively impacts the enterprise in terms of added cost, in the form of added time and expertise."

Jeff Phillips
Director of Consulting
TeleChoice, Inc.

"A promising alternative to extranets and VPNs are Web-based appliances that utilize application-level security technology, such as SafeWeb's Tsunami. These appliances can create plug-and-play virtual extranets that greatly reduce the hassle of providing secure access to corporate network resources."

Kevin Werbach
Release 1.0

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