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Fitness smartband analysis, you want to monitor your activity?

Do you feel athlete? Or maybe you really like to walk? In the market there are a number of intelligent bracelets  measure activity, but not all are priced sufficiently adjusted: the  Intex FitRist  is priced at Amazon 30 euros, SmartBand feel very well and has adequately complied with what I needed it during the two weeks of evaluation.

The current version of the software is still limited options as to timing of notifications, but for the moment it can alert calls, control music playback or receive text messages.  In the sales package of this SmartBand  it includes a very brief user guide and a USB charging cable.

Design and finishes, and autonomy

One thing to realize once you have the FitRist  on the wrist is that perfectly fits, does not bother at all and looks elegant: belt, made of silica, is one of the most important elements it brings a soft touch surface with an outside area in a particular highlight. You will have up to nine positions to secure the double anchor point.

This SmartBand  has a large area of dark Perspex which occupies an area of 4.8 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, which integrates the OLED screen of 96×32 pixels resolution: the information reflecting the screen not it is very visible in bright outdoor light, but it is in indoor enclosures and night. You can always view the data from the mobile phone screen.

The USB charging cable brings a clamp, which is attached to the  bracelet activity  ahead and behind: in the back of the device is connecting three pins to drive energy to the integrated battery: the autonomy stocking I have obtained has not been less than 5 days, about 1 hour being required to recover one hundred percent power capacity.

User interface and functions

How do you manage the  Intex FitRist ? It does not have a touchscreen, but it uses a physical front button to explore the various screens that comprise the user interface : with information Bluetooth connection status, remaining battery autonomy and the current time; with details of steps, distance traveled and calories burned during the day; and capture functions for the mobile camera and control music playback.

This  SmartBand can be used as a remote control to take pictures at a distance, by pressing the front button for three seconds. Requirement? There will be the interface of camera used Intex mobile application, which can be enough for group photos.

What feature it is most useful for me? Control music playback , and this will need to click once to change control and press for two seconds to perform action: back or forward between tracks, and pause or resume playback .

The current version of firmware FitRist itself notifies screen incoming messages and calls, indicating the phone number and an icon representing the type of alert received. ¿Compatible devices? This smartband can be used with an iPad and an iPhone, or tablets and Smartphones with Android operating system.

Intex mobile application FitRist

What will be vital to take advantage of information provided and obtained by the smart bracelet Intex type? Having a good  mobile application , able to organize and present the data properly, and serve as an indispensable source for firmware updates.

How is the  Intex FitRist  app? The initial screen shows steps, distance and calories burned during the day, in a wheel format to indicate progress against goals. Of course, with a simple gesture lateral access the desktop dedicated to know the state of sleep, indicating parameters such as light sleep very deep sleep, light sleep or.

Do you have goals in mind you want marcarte to undertake daily? Start from the desktop is accessed section of objectives , for example to indicate how many steps or distance should be reached before the end of the day. Do you feel proud to have covered a number of steps? You can share a screenshot of the home screen through social networks.

You could not miss Intex mobile application a desk where you show a record of the accumulated data and obtained by the FitRist , either per week, per month and per year. A very visual way to know what the daily activity and if there are weeks when one moves more or less. Data groups also reflect the hours of sleep and calories burned.

The desktop “Settings” will be basic for the owner of the bracelet activity  because from there you can enable or disable functions such as controlling music playback or notifications to alert type. I should mention that the current firmware FitRist is still not able to manage WhatsApp message alerts or social networks, but could come in the not too distant future (no official confirmation).

Do you want to correctly reflect the distance? You have to enter the desktop “About” and change the field value manually  step length  (or stride ).Where the data is obtained to enter? There are two very simple ways to get it :

  • Multiply your height in centimeters by 0,415, if you’re a boy; or by 0.413 if you’re a girl. In my case, I measure 185 cm, 76.8 cm corresponds me.
  • The way to get a more accurate data length step would be to walk along a known distance, then divide that distance (converted to centimeters) by the number of steps taken.

The Intex FitRist , which brings a market price not exceeding 30 euros, I think it is recommended for anyone who wants to know your activity level product, missed call alerts in noisy places or if you can not keep an eye on the phone and also it is practical handle music playback using theSmartBand as a remote control.

Using your browser in incognito mode to check the SEO

Often in our workshops, when we talk about SEO , one of the first practices l @ s @ s alumn it is to see what position are located its pages in Google . However , for this they use the main entrance of Google simply opening the browser. Currently, both the browser and search engines, saved search preferences according to your geographical location, other searches recently completed, visited websites … Therefore, the fact that your website appears the first does not mean that this well positioned, you may leave the first because they often opens on your computer.

To really see what position does your website on Google can use the option of Private Browsing browsers . This prevents display results based on other search and navigation preferences and give us a more objective result. Of course it will never be 100% sure because the same thing in the same way that the results will show you personalized way, will happen to anyone.

In the case of this site, it seems that is well positioned because in both cases the result is shown first, but you can see how varied the following order:

normal navigation mode incognito vs

To open the browser in incognito mode you can follow these steps :

In Google Chrome

  • Clicking on the Tools menu and choosing “New incognito window” :

Open Google Chrome in incognito

  • Or by pressing the key combination “ctrl” + “shift” + “n” (in Windows), or “cmd” + “shift” + “n” (in MacOS).

In Firefox:

  • Open menu and choose “New private window” .

Open Firefox in private browsing

  • Or by pressing the key combination “ctrl” + “shift” + “p” (in Windows), or “cmd” + “shift” + “p” (in MacOS).

In Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Tools button and choose “InPrivate Browsing” .
  • Or by pressing the key combination “ctrl” + “shift” + “p” (in Windows), or “cmd” + “shift” + “p” (in MacOS).

Of course, if you’ll focus more in depth to SEO, there are more specific and professional tools. But if you’re just starting out, this is a good way to take the temperature to your website. You can visit seo company bangkok.

New site to watch high quality movies with your browser and no software

Today we propose a new site works the same appearance of service “Popcorn Time ” but through the website only your browser!

It is the “Website Browser Popcorn ”  easy to use that you can access it from the link below this article as always, then you will realize and see a huge list of new movies, you can watch for free and without in any program or waiting to download movies on your computer desktop, of course, you can select the movie and you can also find the movie you want to see from the search box you’ll find at the top left of the box the page.

You can also determine the films class who likes his example: that you love adventures you can personalize your search by clicking on the section below the search box on the site, and as a simple signal when entering a movie have to wait about a minute to be charged for little other than interruptions while watching the movie. Watch more HD movies here putlocker!

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