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SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami drastically simplifies the task of providing employees, cu stomers and partners with secure remote access to internal network resources using just a browser.  
  "Our main concern is making secure remote access available from anywhere and as simple as browsing the Web. SafeWeb's SEA Tsunami is the best solution on the market."

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Web Results of Female infertility: Physical work and staggered schedules

A study of patients treated for women infertility shows a relationship between women’s working conditions and their reproductive potential. Night work, which disrupts the internal clock, and the wearing of heavy loads, would have negative effects on fertility.

The fertility of women in a physical occupation or with late schedules would be worse than that of other women, according to a study suggesting that these occupational characteristics could explain their decreased fertility.

Those whose work involves “sometimes or often” lifting heavy objects have fewer oocytes in reserve than others, observes this study of 473 patients in a clinic specializing in fertility problems , of a median age Of 35 years. Of the 313 patients who underwent at least one in vitro fertilization  (IVF) treatment, those with heavy objects were less responsive to stimulation – they had 14.5% fewer mature oocytes on average, The article published in the medical journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine .

This negative association was even stronger for patients with overweight ( BMI greater than or equal to 25). Similarly, those who work in the evening, at night or with variable schedules had fewer oocytes to maturation after ovarian stimulation, add the researchers, who advance as possible explanation the disruption of the internal clock .

“These results have medical implications because women with fewer mature oocytes will have fewer eggs capable of developing into viable embryos , they said.

The socio-economic factors in question

Studies have already been conducted on how working conditions affect women’s fertility (time to get pregnant, the likelihood of bringing the pregnancy to term), but it is still unclear how they affect the biological mechanisms of fertility, The authors of the study, most of whom work at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston ( eastern  USA), add.

This study allows to observe a statistical link but not to establish a causal link, and its results can not be generalized to couples seeking to conceive without medical assistance, they specify.

In addition, the study involved fewer than 500 women, which is not enough to exclude other factors that have decreased their fertility, says Channa Jayasena, endocrinologist at Imperial College London.

“For example, it is possible that (women working in rotation and with physical trades) were poorer and therefore had social conditions or a diet different from those with conventional schedules from 9h to 17h ‘ , t- analysis she.

Projector or TV? A difficult choice if you like good cinemaProjector or TV?

Projector or TV? That is the question and surely many have raised the same thing at some point. The truth is that it may seem simple to answer but no. At least I would not know exactly what is the best option. Not without some additional information.

Both one option and another provide a number of advantages in disadvantages that depends on many factors to decide whether projector or television., check here Seite anschauen.

Replace a projector with a TV?

I think this is the first question we should ask ourselves. Really I do not think any of the products can be substitute for the other . Instead, I think they are complementary. Reason why it is frequent to see many users who have a projector in the living room and also a television.

But as the current economy is not for many expenses and the idea is to “choose” between one and another we will see points that will tip the balance to one side.

Advantages and disadvantages of the projector in front of the TV:

  • More inch projector and can see an image of , for example 40 or 100 inches depending on the distance from the screen or area where we project.
  • With a retractable screen and a projector that can be placed on the ceiling and even hide in a cabinet win space in the living room . In addition to a more open space.
  • If you like to enjoy the authentic experience of home theater projector it is ideal.

But not all are advantages, there are also points that pose a disadvantage in front of a TV:

  • The ignition is slower than a TV.
  • The life of the lamp is less than the panel of a television.
  • For the projector we have to control the light in the room . In most cases leave it in the dark to enjoy better contrast.
  • To view the best Freeview TV channels . The ignition is faster and we will not have to put the room in the dark.
  • If you want a better Smart TV TV system . Although already has models that include as LG Laser TV .

My criteria of choice


If you like good cinema projector is ideal . You can also enjoy football matches or other sporting events with him. And if we add a good sound system you will be facing the same experience that you will live in the cinema or better in some cases.

Of course, to make use of a large screen size, greater than 60 inches. If the room is not very big no problem thanks to short throw projectors like the Sony VPL-BW120S . In addition, you can have a space (room or living room) much more diaphanous and collected. Important that the resolution of the projector is Full HD.

And if you want to watch TV you can choose, in the living room or another room of passage, a television of small inches. More than enough to see the news.

If instead you’re going to use it as you use your current TV, not opt for a projector. The lamp will be consumed before and replacing it is not cheap. In addition the power is much slower, you will have to look for a model with tuner or to place an external TDT. The TV will allow you greater contrast and definition regardless of the light in the room. The new Smart TVs include options like DLNA support, internet access, apps, etc …

Therefore, value the maximum size of inches that you can enjoy. If it is to watch some sporting event or some movies or series a week and you can prepare a room well equated I would decant for the projector. If on the contrary will not be like this, you want to keep watching TDT channels, play the console and have it several hours a day on, better a TV.

And you, projector or TV?

Pilaten mask for perfect, cheap skin cleansing on AliExpress Web

Uh, uh, uh, with this weird time he’s doing his face has been like a map. I have more pimples than when I was a teenager, that is, and it is that I am even embarrassed to go outside! Fortunately, I have found a solution. Again, thanks to AliExpress Website and its scandal prices. For good skin cleansing, I found in the china shop the famous mask Pilaten original and for only two euros the tube 60 grams (and 20 cents each small envelope). Eye, because the product can out more than double in other stores.

The Pilaten mask, besides being one of the best sellers on AliExpress WEB in issues of skin cleansing , is one of the highest quality products to eliminate pores and treat acne. Here I show you how to find it cheap and with reliable sellers in the Chinese shop AliExpress:



Cleaning the skin with the Pilaten mask

The black mask of the Pilaten brand offers a fast and safe treatment against pores and to eliminate acne. The goal: to have a perfect cleansing of the complexion.

For two euros we will have: a tube of Pilaten cleaning mask of 60 gr.
Properties pilaten mask: This is a silicone mask specially designed to remove impurities from the face , such as blackheads, acne, and very important, sometimes greasy look that can offer a poorly maintained skin. Removes all the dirt and empties the pores leaving the skin perfect and black pores well hidden.


How to use the Pilaten mask for good skin cleansing. Remove your black spots

Eliminating blackheads properly is essential for us to have a good skin cleansing and so that we do not remain marks or numb skin. With the Pilaten mask we can eliminate blackheads without taking care of our skin. Here I leave you with the instructions to perform a good skin cleansing:

  • For starters, you have to open the pores . To achieve this, we will use a saucepan filled with water that will bring to the boiling point. We can also add chamomile in the open water to achieve better and deeper pores.
  • We put the head face to the casserole, covered if possible with a blanket to give us the whole face steam. After ten minutes , our pores are more open.
  • We dried off then the face.
  • Put fingers mask pilaten on our face. The layer should not be too thin, do not be prissy. Of course, in areas such as the eyes, lips or sideburns, do not put on the mask because they are sensitive areas and could be damaged.
  • Pilaten let the mask takes effect on our pores for about 20 minutes . Thus it is dried and allows to go to the last step of the skin cleansing.
  • With the mask and dry , the began to draw slowly using both hands. With one we will hold the skin and with the other we will slowly take off the mask, in this way we will avoid abruptness and damage our skin. The mask will take with it lots of annoying and ugly pores.
  • When we have removed the mask, we wash with cold water .
  • Finally, we we take a tonic to help close the pores and restore normality to the face. You will notice that, after the process, it is much brighter and cleaner than before.

Here is a visual example of the steps you must follow if you want a facial specifically focused on the pores of the nose . As you will see, it is a partial mask that consumes less of the pot. The procedure is the same, but the zone of action is smaller. You can wear the mask to your liking wherever you want!

As you can see, the product is more than satisfactory. I already have a few envelopes prepared to treat my acne rash (how I’m going to like Juan, the boy of my dreams with whom I’ve tried everything and I have not got anything.How, if I’m so ugly for life I have a last hope, and yes, in the video they repeat it: they work, oh, yes, they work, my skin improves little by little and my skin is softer).

How I can see my mail from the browser via Webmail?

Most e – mail users have started using free accounts style Hotmail or gmail . These accounts that anyone who wants can create free have made the e – mail users are accustomed to check your mail via the web and many of them this habit leads them to want to access your emails (email) in the same way as through the browser.

Hostinet in its web hosting gives the possibility to access via the web to e – mails that the server user has not erased the same through its Webmail service .

The system Webmail is a computer application, namely an email client, email data append, which provides a web interface through which you can access the email.

Webmail allows you to list, display and delete through an e-mail stored on the remote server web browser. Posts can be consulted at any time, from any computer connected to the network and that has a web browser.

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How I can read my e – mail via the web? What is Webmail

You can access your webmail directly without going through the control panel, using as user ‘s full name and email as password the password for your email.



email: [email protected]

pass: ********

Once you’ve logged in, you will see the general panel of your email account and thereby access managing your online email service.

There are two different methods to handle e-mail, both perfectly valid and effective:

Horde and SquirrelMail


Image of SquirrelMail

If you access the application SquirrelMail will see a panel through which you can access your email, send and receive emails, access your drafts and elements both sent and received.

SquirrelMail management panel

INBOX: Inbox email

Drafts: Emails draft

Sent: Sent Emails

Trash: Trash

Compose: Create new email

Addresses: Address Book

Folders: Folders

Options: Options

Search: Search

Help: Help

Screen image to create new message

To: To

CC: With copy

BCC: With hidden copy

Subject: Subject of email

Send: Send



Image Horde

If you access the application Horde will see a panel through which you can access your email, send and receive emails, access your drafts and elements both sent and received. The first thing is you will be prompted to opt for a language to customize your webmail application.


The option that you will use will be to Mail , where you can compose new mails, check your incoming and outgoing mail and search through the emails received and sent.


RoundCube Webmail

RoundCube is a solution Open Source complete that allows users to meet their emails directly from the Web without using any alternative program.

Common operations that can be found in our everyday lives can resolve with RoundCube in the address book and calendar are included.

Some features of roundcube are:

  • 65 languages available.
  • Enabled “Drag and Drop”
  • MINE and HTML
  • System privacy protection
  • Add attachments
  • Sender with multiple identities
  • Forwarding messages with the ability to attach files
  • Message search system
  • Spellcheck system
  • Compatible with IMAP
  • Compatible with external SMTP
  • Unlimited messages and users
  • Alternative custom skins

To access RoundCube just have to select it , if you ask, indicate what our email and password. Once inside we can see the main screen with all the options we need to manage our mail.

RoundCube Webmail homepage

Hostinet before finalizing the guide access email via webmail user wants to remember the need to log out and close all the sessions of both the webmail and all services that require online loguin.So we avoid malicious third parties access to our servers, mail accounts, or panels FTPs social networks.

10 Tips for learning languages ​​with your PC through browser

I have always been fascinated by languages . I started as a little with English in school, like almost everyone, but then things went more English, and then Catalan, German, Japanese …Learning a language is to learn how to see the world in another country , another culture. And if you ease it, the better.

Blackboard with translations of spanish and english words

Blackboard with translations of spanish and english words

But if you still struggles with English phrasal verbs or just hit with German declensions, do not worry. Luckily today we have many resources at our disposal that allow us to learn or improve a language without leaving home, only with the help of our computer – and the appropriate software . Here are some tips to learn languages on your own, using your own PC.

1. Surf the web in another language

Today we spend a lot of time in online applications, so the first step is to use your favorite web browser in the language you want to learn . The most popular web browsers are available in several languages, so you just have to download it in which most interests you.You can, for example, choose between 70 languages Firefox or 50 of Google Chrome .


The additional advantage is that by doing this, the web pages that have the same language version of your browser will show automatically. Over language immersion!

2. An extension as a tutor

In addition to the browser itself, there are many extensions you can practice languages. Many of them are simple translators, as ImTranslator or FoxLingo Firefox, but there are others like Language Immersion for Google Chrome that can be of great help in improving the vocabulary of a language you are studying. Here you can see how Language Immersion works:


3. Learn with the help of your friends online

Another option without leaving the web browser is join a social network to practice languages . One of the best known is Busuu , which can learn English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish and Russian, among others.

Busuu offers interactive vocabulary exercises, reading and writing, which are corrected by the rest of the Busuu community . Thus, native speakers who want to learn help you with your progress while you can correct the exercises you master those languages.


I’m going to kind of Japanese on my computer!

Busuu free account has certain limitations, but the Premium gives you access to additional interesting features such as grammar units, mobile applications, exercises with audio and video, and more. With a price of 69.99 € for 12 months, it is to think about it. It is still significantly cheaper than an academy.

4. Textbook? Better a computer program

In addition to online tools, there are computer programs that help you with your language learning . The most popular is probably Rosetta Stone , with support for multiple languages, but you also have courses Before You Know It . Just choose the language that interests you and purchase the course to study at home, at your own pace.


In addition to these courses, you also have programs designed specifically for a particular language. Most are on como aprender ingles em casa, which is usually the language we all want to learn, but there are also for Japanese or even Esperanto .


5. Study wherever and whenever you want with your mobile

In matters of language learning, not only are programs Windows or Mac There are also many.My mobile with which to practice the language you are learning , with the additional advantage of being able to do it anywhere: in line at the supermarket, in the doctor’s waiting room while you go by subway to work …
Taking advantage of commuting by metro to review vocabulary

In some cases, the same developer creates apps for multiple languages (such as  MindSnacks, those of Hello Hello or those of  Babbel ), and others find my dedicated solely to language, as  Voxy for English or ikanji to learn the Japanese kanji .

6. An extra help to memorize vocabulary

Maybe you already have your own learning methods and just want to use the software as a support textbook or tutorials. In that case, a program like Anki can be of great help. Anki is an application that can create tabs to memorize anything , which is especially suitable for languages.
Japanese hiragana going over in Anki

Irregular English verbs, declensions in German, Chinese ideograms … or simply vocabulary in any other language you’re studying. Anki shows you tabs and you have to mark them according’re successful or not. According to your answer, Anki program the next appearance of the tab with a longer or shorter interval.

7. Accustom your ears to new sounds with a podcast

An important part of learning a language is its oral understanding . You have to get the ear become familiar with new rhythms, new accents, new sounds … and one of the easiest ways to do that is listening to podcasts in the language you want to learn.


There are numerous resources to find podcasts you sign up , but certainly the best known isiTunes , which even has a special section devoted to educational podcasts . To access them , just click on Podcasts (within the top menu of the iTunes Store) and chooseEducation . Choose the one you like and subscribe! From that time, iTunes will download all the episodes as they are published – also give you the option to download that have already been published previously.


8. Your favorite songs can also help

If podcasts are not your thing, there is an alternative to listen to some of the language you want to learn: music . Listen to songs ( with lyrics front , of course) is another simple and fun way to become familiar with the sounds of your new language, and incidentally learn vocabulary and expressions.
Learning German songs with Spotify

There are plenty of music players that you can use to listen to your favorite songs as well asdozens of web pages to search the letter of the same. Try entering the title of one of them over the word lyrics ( “letter”) and see the results. Another option, as shown in the screenshot above, is to use Spotify with some of your apps to display the lyrics of the songs, likemusiXmatch or TuneWiki .

9. On YouTube there is more than videos of kittens

Audio, music … what ‘s missing? Exact: the video . YouTube is another resource immensely useful when learning a language or improve your skills in any of them.Series in original version with subtitles, video language courses, music videos of your favorite songs …
In today’s lesson, we will see possessives in English

YouTube has hundreds of videos that you can use to rote learning, but yes, you have to know how to find . Putting both “learn English” and “learn Inglés”, for example, leaving dozens of educational videos that review vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Another option is tolook for thematic channels dedicated to teaching languages, as the BBC to learn Englishor the Ziesche Kolleg to learn German .


10. Only for the cast …

Finally, the most daring step: beyond reading web pages, listen to songs on Spotify or watch YouTube videos in another language, would you dare to change your whole operating system , and put it in the language you are learning ?
Phew … now what option I choose?

Of course it is the most direct way to make full language immersion, without being in the country of origin of the language. If you use Windows 7, in this tutorial we explain how. And if you use Windows XP, you can download language packs directly from the Microsoft website .

A computer reprograms your diet and slim 63 kilos

Brian McLaughlin always tried to arrive 20 minutes prior to its meetings to provide around the block looking for a parking space as close as possible to the place of meeting, and after the short walk, had to go to cool off the toilet, because would not stop sweating inside his suit.

McLaughlin was overweight since I was little , at age 10, she weighed 63.5 kilos, at 20 and weighed 127 kilos and 30 149.6.

He got a job as a software architect for the Stock Exchange of New York in 2010 and moved to the United States. Trying to better social life, he went to lunch and dinner with their new friends by wearing a wide but very unhealthy eating.

“He lived a lifestyle of single” McLaughlin said, “He ate and drank a lot, which caused havoc on my weight”

He tried to lose weight by the method of Atkins and Weight Wathers diet but none of them worked .

However, he saw his mother lost 22.6 kg following a program called Sliming World (based on removing those foods you love, that is, without any scientific base) and his girlfriend also lost 45, 3 kilos per the method Weight Watchers (which has a plan to evaluate each food points).

Seeing it really was possible to lose weight, he began to change a few things in your lifestyle.

A social sacrifice.

She stopped going out to lunch and dine with friends , since part of what I ate, drank enough in those outings alcohol. Moreover dishes chosen among more calories and fat, as were most commonly craved him. It is also not deprived himself of chocolate desserts, ice cream and others.

“We usually ate a snack of sausages, the biggest cut of meat available, or lamb as a main course, a side dish of vegetables sauteed in butter or oil, desserts rich as cake melted chocolate or chocolate syrup and a cheese board with wine dessert to finish, “says McLaughlin.

Between the two, three bottles of wine drank at dinner.

“I can remember one meal where I left without feeling completely filled to the point of almost being sick,” he said. “Dinner and beverages are often alone add up to 5,000 calories.”

Now prepare all your meals at home . Generally consist of fruit, chicken spiced with dry spices or steak and broccoli or cauliflower. When eating out, choose carefully from the menu that will take.

“I love the dining experience and the social aspect,” says McLaughlin. “But I realize that a fillet 170.09 or 226.7 grams is more than enough now.”

Also try not to drink so much alcohol , “Now I tend to only drink wine, and enjoy and savor the flavor rather than just drinking and drinking experience , ” says McLaughlin.

The same results with different types of diet:

The weight loss plan that followed the bride McLaughlin, he found it a bit difficult when preparing the various dishes including mc2diet, as she followed a program called Weight Watchers is based on the point system to limit the number of calories you eat daily.

Gradually, they began to combine dishes of different types of diets that have the common feature that they were low – fat dishes .

They also started walking a few kilometers twice a week. “It’s hard to go to the gym after work,” he says. “I really wanted to focus on controlling my eating habits more than anything else”.

The plan drew up worked so well that in the last three years lost 63.5 kilos McLaughin.

Now he feels much more productive and more energetic, so it pays far more at work .

When he first moved to New York, his only pastime was eating and drinking; now he spends his weekends researching to visit farmers markets, festivals chile, wine shops and places to collect fruits.

The couple recently went on vacation and chose to walk to the terminal instead of taking the moving walkways as they used to.

Dressler said that these small changes can make the biggest differences .

“Much of my life still revolves around food and drink, but it is not destructive,” said McLaughlin.

There are many types of diets to lose weight, like the 3 week diet system review and sometimes work, but not mean or that are healthy or healthier than other procedures can not achieve weight loss also most beneficial for our health form. Furthermore , this type of diet that does not include a change in lifestyle, they usually have arebound effect, because if it gets to normal life that led us to overweight, then logically, we will take all the kilos we lost.

In the European Medical Institute of Obesity, we perform individualized treatment for each patient.Making an assessment of the causes that led to each person to be overweight, and offering guidelines with a team of professionals to not only excess weight is lost, but once treatment is not finished recovering again .

Ask us without obligation, you can also get it.


Although programming is not considered a hazardous occupation, it is surprising the number of developers who suffer from health problems. Spend many hours sitting at a desk not going to kill you, but studies continue to show that is not as healthy as you might think. Luckily, it is very easy to integrate new elements or make small changes to your routine:


    As obvious as this advice sounds, regular exercise is something that many developers forget or ignore. Not have to become the next Ironman, only seeks to do some kind of exercise to keep your body in shape, improve your health and make you mentally tougher.

  2. DREAM:

    Programmers tend to forget that they are mortal while developing that idea that will conquer the world. But the more passes sleepless nights, more health problems you can suffer. Be especially careful with this because, while more progress in more delay to recover age. You burn the eyelashes may be necessary sometimes, but try to respect your sleep.


    Poor posture is a common problem these days. Even if you’re an office is equipped with comfortable, ergonomic desk chairs and large, the most important thing is to be aware of your posture. This is the proper posture may seem irrelevant when you are twenty, but even twenty somethings may suffer from chronic wounds caused by poor posture.


    Love coffee, madness for a good cup of coffee from espresso machines, the need for a freshly brewed coffee are things that perhaps only understood by programmers and one million people in other industries. Many tend to use this drink as their fuel for the day, others opt for tea, while a third preferred energy drinks. While it is true that there is nothing wrong with caffeine – the excess of this substance could seriously affect your metabolism , and biorhythm.


    Finding balance in life is not always easy. If you have a demanding job with a lot of responsibilities, it will probably be difficult to escape the routine for long periods of time. But eventually you’ll need some time off .  When you get to spend time with your family or friends seeks to shelve the phone or check email. This will help you recover, so then you’ll be less distracted at work.

  6. DIET:

    Needless to say that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. In short, you should be aware of what you eat and when you eat. This simple act can make all the difference.


    The power and the possibilities offered by smartphones and smartwatches are amazing. With these devices you will be connected with the world wherever you are. But like everything, come when you need to disconnect from the Internet. Have you ever left home smart devices to go take a walk? Try once a week and your mind will thank you .

Programmers or not, more and more people living inundated with information from rising until they return to their beds. It does not take a genius to realize that all we need rest and really disconnect from technology. But so you get better results in your life, combine this with some exercise and a healthy diet.In your hands are the ingredients for a successful career as a programmer.

So what advice you would add to your healthy lifestyle?

Java program and enjoy a coffee lojano

Still a long time to see the light in September Java, but we can start enjoying some of their news.

Right now I introduce them to JShell (known as the kulla project). Right now you can download it as a .jar file and run it as the command java -jar as long as you have installed JDK 9. I understand that in the latest versions of JDK (early access) and comes within the bin directory (albeit with the installation process proposed here is not yet).

JShell for Java is an implementation of what is called REPEL or Read-Eval-Print-Loop.Basically it is a type of shell program that allows you to write and run programs. These environments are popular in other languages like Python or Scala. It is the first time that Java officially adopts this environment and allow us to write Java programs without the need to write a class and main method or end a sentence with a semicolon. Here more details.

If you do not want to install on your computer JDK9, a solution is to use a virtual machine climb cloud with Web interface and free access. I propose alternatives are:  Koding andcodeanywhere , I use both (for testing purposes). Both are Ubuntu and has a terminal window. The installation process JDK9 you can find it here , although codeanywhere must perform an additional step prior , which can be found here (shows the commands to solve the problem  sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found ).

Those are the prerequisites, now the installation of JShell demand we unload us a JAR file, which can be found in Adopt OpenJDK: Getting Started Kit  click the Read button, select the language and the menu on the left can see all projects JDK9 related. In that menu we looked kulla (8.5) click there and show you a page where you should look forthe binary section and click on the link Kulla.jar:  Adopt OpenJDK Build Cloudbees farm , that takes you to a new page and copy the URL link that begins kulla- … .. and ends in .jar.(Pongo all instructions as the final link may change with new versions)

Now you go to your virtual machine You play the directory where you want to copy the jar and run the command (in the terminal window) wget <URL copied above>. In my case it was:

wget https://adopt-openjdk.ci.cloudbees.com/view/OpenJDK/job/langtools-1.9-linux-x86_64-kulla-dev/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/kulla--20151108010045.jar

Once you downloaded the file, execute the command in the terminal

java -jar kulla - 2 .... jar

And you can do things like:


An example of the use of JShell in codeanywhere

If you want more examples you can visit the following tutorial on REPL and coffee machine for rental singapore .

Set carpet for Computer stepmania

The first thing to do is start the game with previously connected carpets and once in the main menu, go to Options / Configure keys and tell the game which key is which (Windows if that automatically recognizes the carpets but the Stepmania does not) for both carpet player 1 is any of the first three columns within set keys, as for the player 2 the last three columns.

You need only set 8 keys, here I point the arrow to press and its equivalent in the carpet: Remember Enter first and then the corresponding arrow:


up = up arrow
down arrow down =
left = left arrow
right = right arrow
Upper Left = diagonal arrow up / left
Upper Right = diagonal arrow up / right
Start = Key start carpet
Esc key = Select carpet

Everything is ready !!!

For those wizened: it is much easier if you move to the beat of the music, the steps will flow alone.

The game is much more fun playing doubles because it has both collaborative and competition modes with dozens of options, the possibilities are endless. As you play more and more research can go through the menus and to discover all its possibilities. Initially default modes are perfect, and press the F3 key to start the arcade modes that reduce the options for the menu is simpler activated.

Unless the carpet is metal not dancing on it with shoes, it will break down very quickly. Ideally socks sulen be fat, and do not worry about these albombras skidding usually have a non – skid surface.

The first few times you play has the feeling that the carpet does not work properly because no “Pilla” all your steps.What happens in reality is that you are still a little bad and you just have to practice more. ; o)

Note that you need not stand still in the middle of the dance floor, you can move all over the carpet freely while dancing as the “missteps” not take away points, just add points to your score when you do it correctly. Set

aside a little furniture there near the carpet, the beginning is very easy to get out and finish kicking a chair (if you go with socks surely she will win the fight) and lean not on the walls when you piedas the equilibrium – reflexively very commonly possibly’re all sweaty and you’ll end up leaving finger marks on the wall (seems silly, but this is information that has been well “proven” on many walls)

The game does not start: The program requirements are not very high, any computer with less than 3 or 4 years can make them work properly, but it is necessary that you have installed the DirectX 9.0c or higher on your computer, if youdo not have it you can install free doing a “Windows Update” (Start / programs / Windows Update) and choosing the “custom installation” mode and the other hand is also good that you have the drivers for the graphics card updated (usually on the manufacturer’s website is usually information on how to do)

Sometimes with new carpets with foam inside, this is a little “bulge” or curved. If this part is up it can cause the carpet will not work properly because it produces false contacts that make some arrow to stay “encasquillada” just have to place the concave portion of the foam pointing towards the floor.

If teneís questions, suggestions or just help you have been grateful that you leave a comment on the post of the news, no need to register. This manual is to Juanjo and Javier, Isa, Nano and Silvia, Carol and Kookie, Quico and Very, Pastor and Miriam … and all the others that this Christmas Santa Claus or the Kings have brought them some carpets and they have said “I already have these carpets … now what do I do?”. Also read more here about cleaning.

Fitness smartband analysis, you want to monitor your activity?

Do you feel athlete? Or maybe you really like to walk? In the market there are a number of intelligent bracelets  measure activity, but not all are priced sufficiently adjusted: the  Intex FitRist  is priced at Amazon 30 euros, SmartBand feel very well and has adequately complied with what I needed it during the two weeks of evaluation.

The current version of the software is still limited options as to timing of notifications, but for the moment it can alert calls, control music playback or receive text messages.  In the sales package of this SmartBand  it includes a very brief user guide and a USB charging cable.

Design and finishes, and autonomy

One thing to realize once you have the FitRist  on the wrist is that perfectly fits, does not bother at all and looks elegant: belt, made of silica, is one of the most important elements it brings a soft touch surface with an outside area in a particular highlight. You will have up to nine positions to secure the double anchor point.

This SmartBand  has a large area of dark Perspex which occupies an area of 4.8 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, which integrates the OLED screen of 96×32 pixels resolution: the information reflecting the screen not it is very visible in bright outdoor light, but it is in indoor enclosures and night. You can always view the data from the mobile phone screen.

The USB charging cable brings a clamp, which is attached to the  bracelet activity  ahead and behind: in the back of the device is connecting three pins to drive energy to the integrated battery: the autonomy stocking I have obtained has not been less than 5 days, about 1 hour being required to recover one hundred percent power capacity.

User interface and functions

How do you manage the  Intex FitRist ? It does not have a touchscreen, but it uses a physical front button to explore the various screens that comprise the user interface : with information Bluetooth connection status, remaining battery autonomy and the current time; with details of steps, distance traveled and calories burned during the day; and capture functions for the mobile camera and control music playback.

This  SmartBand can be used as a remote control to take pictures at a distance, by pressing the front button for three seconds. Requirement? There will be the interface of camera used Intex mobile application, which can be enough for group photos.

What feature it is most useful for me? Control music playback , and this will need to click once to change control and press for two seconds to perform action: back or forward between tracks, and pause or resume playback .

The current version of firmware FitRist itself notifies screen incoming messages and calls, indicating the phone number and an icon representing the type of alert received. ¿Compatible devices? This smartband can be used with an iPad and an iPhone, or tablets and Smartphones with Android operating system.

Intex mobile application FitRist

What will be vital to take advantage of information provided and obtained by the smart bracelet Intex type? Having a good  mobile application , able to organize and present the data properly, and serve as an indispensable source for firmware updates.

How is the  Intex FitRist  app? The initial screen shows steps, distance and calories burned during the day, in a wheel format to indicate progress against goals. Of course, with a simple gesture lateral access the desktop dedicated to know the state of sleep, indicating parameters such as light sleep very deep sleep, light sleep or.

Do you have goals in mind you want marcarte to undertake daily? Start from the desktop is accessed section of objectives , for example to indicate how many steps or distance should be reached before the end of the day. Do you feel proud to have covered a number of steps? You can share a screenshot of the home screen through social networks.

You could not miss Intex mobile application a desk where you show a record of the accumulated data and obtained by the FitRist , either per week, per month and per year. A very visual way to know what the daily activity and if there are weeks when one moves more or less. Data groups also reflect the hours of sleep and calories burned.

The desktop “Settings” will be basic for the owner of the bracelet activity  because from there you can enable or disable functions such as controlling music playback or notifications to alert type. I should mention that the current firmware FitRist is still not able to manage WhatsApp message alerts or social networks, like fitshoppro.com, but could come in the not too distant future (no official confirmation).

Do you want to correctly reflect the distance? You have to enter the desktop “About” and change the field value manually  step length  (or stride ).Where the data is obtained to enter? There are two very simple ways to get it :

  • Multiply your height in centimeters by 0,415, if you’re a boy; or by 0.413 if you’re a girl. In my case, I measure 185 cm, 76.8 cm corresponds me.
  • The way to get a more accurate data length step would be to walk along a known distance, then divide that distance (converted to centimeters) by the number of steps taken.

The Intex FitRist , which brings a market price not exceeding 30 euros, I think it is recommended for anyone who wants to know your activity level product, missed call alerts in noisy places or if you can not keep an eye on the phone and also it is practical handle music playback using the SmartBand as a remote control.

Using your browser in incognito mode to check the SEO

Often in our workshops, when we talk about SEO , one of the first practices l @ s @ s alumn it is to see what position are located its pages in Google . However , for this they use the main entrance of Google simply opening the browser. Currently, both the browser and search engines, saved search preferences according to your geographical location, other searches recently completed, visited websites … Therefore, the fact that your website appears the first does not mean that this well positioned, you may leave the first because they often opens on your computer.

To really see what position does your website on Google can use the option of Private Browsing browsers . This prevents display results based on other search and navigation preferences and give us a more objective result. Of course it will never be 100% sure because the same thing in the same way that the results will show you personalized way, will happen to anyone.

In the case of this site, it seems that is well positioned because in both cases the result is shown first, but you can see how varied the following order:

normal navigation mode incognito vs

To open the browser in incognito mode you can follow these steps :

In Google Chrome

  • Clicking on the Tools menu and choosing “New incognito window” :

Open Google Chrome in incognito

  • Or by pressing the key combination “ctrl” + “shift” + “n” (in Windows), or “cmd” + “shift” + “n” (in MacOS).

In Firefox:

  • Open menu and choose “New private window” .

Open Firefox in private browsing

  • Or by pressing the key combination “ctrl” + “shift” + “p” (in Windows), or “cmd” + “shift” + “p” (in MacOS).

In Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Tools button and choose “InPrivate Browsing” .
  • Or by pressing the key combination “ctrl” + “shift” + “p” (in Windows), or “cmd” + “shift” + “p” (in MacOS).

Of course, if you’ll focus more in depth to SEO, there are more specific and professional tools. But if you’re just starting out, this is a good way to take the temperature to your website. You can visit seo company bangkok.

New site to watch high quality movies with your browser and no software

Today we propose a new site works the same appearance of service “Popcorn Time ” but through the website only your browser!

It is the “Website Browser Popcorn ”  easy to use that you can access it from the link below this article as always, then you will realize and see a huge list of new movies, you can watch for free and without in any program or waiting to download movies on your computer desktop, of course, you can select the movie and you can also find the movie you want to see from the search box you’ll find at the top left of the box the page.

You can also determine the films class who likes his example: that you love adventures you can personalize your search by clicking on the section below the search box on the site, and as a simple signal when entering a movie have to wait about a minute to be charged for little other than interruptions while watching the movie. Watch more HD movies here putlocker!

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